Christmas Stories: Worst Christmas Songs Ever

This was a tough call. I really dislike “The 12 Days Of Christmas.” It’s just annoying and boring and we get, your true love likes to give you birds. Did you know that PNC has actually been keeping track of how much all the items would cost every year since 1984 called the Christmas Price Index? The first year they all cost $12,623.10, this year $21,465.56. My least favorite version of this song was one I heard only once in college. I had the radio on while showering before class, so I couldn’t turn it off. I was trapped listening to Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra Jr. singing this awful awful song. Thankfully I haven’t heard that version since and have adeptly dodged any other forms for the most part. Even the internet must hate that version cause it’s not on YouTube.

But then there’s also this little number by a woman named Connie Francis called “Baby’s First Christmas.” It’s the only song on my Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas 2-CD set that I not only skip, but have disabled on my iTunes. I just can’t stand it. The only thing that could make it worse would be putting the song to weird CGI baby videos from the Sims.

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