Commercial Commentary: Bing Has The Worst Commercials

Yes, I know that I’ve complained about everything from Lexus commercials making me dizzy to the Gap holiday commercials, but the ones that drive me the absolute craziest are for Bing, the new search engine trying to take on Google. I’ve used Bing a couple of times and am not a fan, but to be honest I haven’t given it a fair shake (I remember being VERY hesitant to shift from Yahoo to Google back in college, so take that as you will). Aside from the few bad experiences with the site itself, my intense hatred of these commercials are really keeping me away from the site. Again, I’m not marketing expert, but playing the most annoying game of word association ever and making me want to smash my TV is not a good way to lure me away from your competitor’s service. Maybe doing something pleasant or actually explaining why your search engine is better would be a better marketing angle. Just saying.

I hate doing this, but here’s a few of the annoying commercials.

I’m sorry to put you through that. I’m not the only one right? These are TERRIBLE commercials.

2 thoughts on “Commercial Commentary: Bing Has The Worst Commercials

  1. Sadly they’ve spiraled downward – the word association ones were annoying – now they’re absolutely infuriating! It’s just two minutes of “bing wins” “bing is better than google” “take the bing challenge”… AAAAAHHH.

    They have still yet to explain why a shallow copy of Google’s databases makes for a better search engine…

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