The Ruins Rundown: The Reunion

So get this, I completely missed The Ruins Reunion this week. I know, you must be shocked. I’m sure we were doing something really important too (like watching a movie or some such). Anyway, we caught it today while flipping through channels and it was alright. Nothing huge or dramatic went down. There were probably only a dozen or so people. Let’s see if I can remember them, you had most of the finalists so that’s Evan, Kenny, Susie, Johnny, KellyAnne and Sarah. Wes, Veronica, Katie, Brad, Johanna and Dunbar (I used the clip on MTV’s site for the full line-up).

As per usual, you get a lot of explanations for questionable behavior that start off with “You’ve got to understand, that we’re all locked in a house and…” That phrase or a very similar one starts off several comments on why people got in fights, hopped into bed with each other etc. etc. etc. There wasn’t a lot of dirt, though. Dunbar kinda sorta said he went down on Sarah. Johnny said he thinks some people on his own team made deals, meaning they offered other people money to take a fall or go out of the game. Johanna said and Wes confirmed that they were never actually engaged. Susie may or may not have slept with one of the sound guys who was British. Brad’s still really sorry about getting in a fight with Darrell. Katie really likes Sarah and she feels bad about tearing into her. Veronica’s not sorry about getting into it with Tanya and pushing her to the point where Tonya slapped her, but the group was divided on whether she was to blame as much as Tonya. Brad said he probably won’t do another challenge unless Tori’s there. Susie doesn’t like Wes because he threw a challenge when he felt his back was up against a wall, but she said several times that she would throw the final challenge if the boys were mean to her. The host lady calls Kenny and Evan the new mean girls of the show.

That sums it up pretty well, but I know my fellow fans out there will be checking it out online or in rerun form like we did. Also, be on the lookout for The Shit They Shoulda Shown next week. I probably won’t be able to catch it because that’s when the folks are coming in for Christmas. Also, note how the host lady pauses every time she says shit on the reuinion episode. I kind of blanked out any time she was talking, so every time she said the name of the clip show, I thought she was dropping f-bombs. Alas, she was just drawing it out like a weirdo.

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