Ad It Up: Batman Return Of The Joker NES

From Brave & The Bold mini #2 (1992)

Like everyone else who played it, I loved Batman: Arkham Asylum, but it certainly wasn’t by first rodeo when it comes to Batman games. There were some pretty crummy movie based games over time and hated Batman Vengeance for the PS2, but then loved Batman: Rise of Sun Tzu which my senior year college roommate and I played together over the whole year and actually finished on graduation which seemed rather fitting. I don’t really remember Batman: Return Of The Joker for the NES though I do vaguely remember the ad. It’s pretty cool that they went with giant Joker artwork (I love the bat symbols in his eyes) for a video game ad in a comic book. That seems like a good way to play to your audience. They also threw some game stills in there for good measure. Anyone remember this one? Was it any good?

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