My Toy Line Of The Year

There were a hell of a lot of great toys that came out this year. I got to see far more than my fair share of them while I worked at ToyFare, but I have to say that my absolute favorite line this year was Mattel’s DC Universe Classics followed very closely by their Masters Of The Universe Classics. Being a gigantic DC fanboy, the DCUC line plays right to my heart (and my wallet) by offering up iconic versions of classics characters, awesome B-, C-, D- and Z-list characters and Collect and Connect figures that make me want to get every single figure they put out. This line, along with Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, was one of the few I spent my own money on. Just wait until you see what they’ve got coming out in 2010 (and by that, I mean check out the February issue of ToyFare in which I got to talk to Mattel’s Scott Neitlich about their awesome plans for celebrating DC’s diamond anniversary.

As I mentioned Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe Classics also blew me away, as did their Ghostbusters figures. I was also really impressed by how good Hasbro’s 3 3/4-inch Marvel Universe figures turned out. Oh, and, as usual, Diamond Select Toys’ MiniMates kicked ass (especially the Ghostbusters ones). plus, DC Direct DOMINATED with their Green Lantern figures which are now morphing into the ridiculously cool Blackest Night waves. Overall, I think everyone really came at 2009 with their very best and it was a great year from NECA, Mezco (those 3 3/4 inch horror figures were SICK!), Sideshow, Bowen, Gentle Giant, Shocker and everyone else. Hopefully 2010 will be just as rad, and from what I’ve seen, it absolutely will be.

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