TJ’s Toy Chest: DC Universe Classics Blue Devil

I mentioned at the end of last year that Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line of 6-inch figures with Collect and Connect pieces for bigger figures included in each package was my favorite toyline. There are plenty of other toy lines that I love as well, but this is the one that I still try and buy. I’ve got almost every figure from Waves 1-7 (I’m missing Amazo, the Green Parademon, Ocean Camo Aquaman and Booster Gold and a bunch of C&C figure pieces) so I was pretty surprised when the missus and I went to K-Mart and not only saw DCUC figures–which they haven’t had any other time I went in there–but Wave 13?! Holy crap. They even had the entire wave which consists of current Booster Gold, Negative Man (they only had the bandaged version), two Cheetahs, 90s Superboy, Cyclotron, red costume Donna Troy and Blue Devil. It was a hard choice between Blue Devil, Superboy and Blue Beetle, but I went with the Devil here. Blue Devil’s a character I’ve always liked. I think I’ve got a random issue of one of his comics in my longboxes and was a big fan of the JLA when he was on the team, I was bummed when he got murdered in Starman and He’s also been pretty cool lately in Shadowpact, but I like this costume the most because, well, it’s an actual costume and not just pants or a T-shirt. It might be a little cheesy, but I dig it (hell, I even wish the collar was bigger and standing straight up). The paint job on the figure is pretty solid with the exception of a small blurring spot on the back. I love the level of articulation most of the DCUC toys have. Sometimes figures with shoulder pads like BD here inhibit the arm movement, but I’ve been twisting this guy into all kinds of acrobatic poses and had no problems. The only accessory with the figure–and the only necessary one, really–is his weapon, the Trident of Lucifer. It’s a pretty faithful recreation and fits well in both hands. This is the first of the DC 75 Anniversary figures I’ve picked up, so this is the first pin I’ve gotten. I looked at all of them and this is by far the best (Cyclotron wasn’t even on his as far as I could tell and the Superboy one had a boy–either Clark on Conner–lifting something heavy with Pa looking on). It shall go with the rest of my comic pins picked up at various cons and comic shops. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Trigon, a Teen Titans villain who should be banned from comics for 20 years thanks to overexposure in Titans and Teen Titans comics, but that’s neither here no there. As these are the only two pieces I have, it’s hard to judge the figure, but the images I’ve seen make it look solid. I do like how there are wires in the cape so you can pose it however you like.

Overall, I’m still in love with this line and feel a little overwhelmed with how far behind I am. My local Target still has Wave 7 figures, so I’ve got no excuse for not buying Booster Gold except that I want the modern Skeets with Mr. Mind and the classic Booster figure which just has a regular Skeets. So maybe Target will be consistently behind and I can catch up. Anyway, I’m really happy with my purchase. I don’t play with figures as much as I should (my collection is locked away in the storage unit) but just playing around with him this evening has been pretty great. Someday I’ll have a good place to display my collection and hopefully I can get some of the larger figure pieces I’m missing (like Metallo’s leg that comes with Amazo).

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