Commercial Commentary: Geico Charlie Daniels

Long before I even thought about getting into country music, I loved The Charlie Daniels Band. It was one of those CDs that my dad had that I borrowed at listened to all the time, so, as a result, I love this Geico commercial with the master fiddle player and story-song writer. It’s funny how sometimes it seems like a commercial is actually created just for you. Too bad I’ve already got insurance, sorry Geico.

3 thoughts on “Commercial Commentary: Geico Charlie Daniels

  1. This is a terrific commercial and, as usual, Charlie Daniels shows us all “how to do it.” But my question is, What’s the venue where this commercial was filmed? It’s an architectural masterpiece! How do I find the answer?

    1. I have no idea actually. I’d say Google it, but that’s probably how you came across my site, I would guess. It would probably take going through 20 or 30 pages of results though. Good luck in your search.

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