This Orianthi Woman Can Wail

I hope at least some of you appreciate the vague Wayne’s World reference in the title. For my younger readers, I’m not sure if you’ll ever understand what Wayne’s World meant to my generation. It’s weird. Anyway, I was just watching some videos on VH1 and saw this one by an Australian chick named Orianthi called “According To You.” The video starts with a girl sitting in her room playing guitar, so I figured it would be just another young girl singing about high school or whatever (which is cool, I’ve got no beef with that). And, for the most part, the song is about that, but two things caught my attention. One, her room is covered in Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath posters among others. Very cool. Then, she has these little solo moments that are pretty impressive, especially when you consider how unpopular solos are right now. Turns out, she’s only a few years younger than me and was also going to be Michael Jackson’s guitar player on the tour he was planning when he died. Weird.

Here’s a live video of her playing, she’s actually got a Joe Satriani vibe to her sound which is pretty cool. I’m seeing this whole pop thing as a John Mayer. See, Mayer is actually a rad blue player. He’s toured with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s back-up band Doubel Trouble. Yet, he makes these soft pop songs with not-alot of guitar work. Why? Because the blues don’t sell. Might as well make the dough while you’re young, get the kids to love you, record smaller records that you want to and do whatever you want while touring. That way, when you’re older you’ll hopefully have the money and the freedom to just do whatever you want. You want to cover all of Robert Johnson’s songs on a reocrd, but instead of blues turn it into jazz fusion? Sure, cool, go for it. That will now be called “pulling a Mayer.” Anyway, check the video out. Has anyone listened to the rest of the album?

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