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If you’re not reading Fantastic Four right now, you absolutely should. Hickman and Eaglesham are killing that book and I recommend it for everyone. This image is so cool it makes my mind hurt and it is now my background. Head over to CBR for the bigger version.

In music news, Green Day’s album American Idiot will be premiering at the St. James Theatre on Broadway on March 24th. I listened to the hell out of that record in college and am actually very excited about the potential here. (via THR)

Today’s Topless Robot list is one of the best, most creative I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s called The 9 Strange Things Found While Searching For Waldo. The above, dubbed Waldo’s Topless Mermaid Orgy had me laughing the most. The whole list is great and I distinctly remember a good deal of these from my personal copy of Where’s Waldo.

Brian over at Horror Movie A Day did an awesome end of the year best/worst list. But this isn’t your typical one, it’s got topics like Best/Worst Anaconda Movie and Best/Worst Movie About A Bunch Of Stranded Soldiers In The Desert Getting Killed By A Supernatural Entity. I think this is my favorite year end list of the bunch. Super Punch has been showing a lot of rad found art robots lately, but this one by David Lipson is amazing. You can buy his work on his etsy page called Lipson Robotics.

This ABC’s song/poem thing starring Mega Man and all the robots he’s fought over the years is just fantastic. Plus, you can let your kids watch it, when you bust out the ol’ NES. (via Topless Robot)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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