Is The Worst Cooks In America Too Hard?

Has anyone else been watching Food Network’s The Worst Cooks In America? The way the show works is that the worst of the worst cooks are split into two teams with a big time chef in charge of each of them. They’re given a series of challenges that they either pass or fail with the final challenge being that the finalists will cook a big meal with the diners thinking it’s the big time chefs actually cooking, thus, “putting their names on the line” kinda. Here’s the thing though, these people seem like they’ve never even seen a kitchen or eaten food. They’re really super duper bad at cooking and yet, the challenges are ridiculously hard. The first episode had both teams making a seafood dish. Tonight’s episode, which just ended, had them working on one of those big table grills that they use in hibachi restaurants and learning different ways to cut things. During the final challenge tonight, the contestants weren’t shown how to cook the whole recipe (fair enough), but it was written on a blackboard in the room, only to be erased part way through. What were they supposed to do? Memorize the whole thing? Yeah, I know, “write it down” would be a good answer, but I don’t know if they could. I don’t get it. These people are really really terrible cooks, they don’t even know the basics and they’re being asked to cook some really complex stuff. I feel like they’re being thrown under the bus with no possible chance of learning anything. It would be like taking a four year old, throwing her in a physics class and expecting her to do really well.

I’ve been learning to cook for about eight or so years. That might seem like a lot, but there were huge gaps in there where it made more sense for Em to cook or I was just doing basic stuff like throwing chicken on a George Foreman. When I started out though, I learned how to do some simple stuff like pastas and stir-fries, not sea scallops and duck. Heck, some of the people admitted to never even eating what they were cooking before. I don’t want to judge too early, but this show just doesn’t feel right, like the chefs are really trying to screw the contestants over and it’s not really fun. We’ll probably stick with it to see who gets sent home (there are some real characters on here like the nerdy hipster from Brooklyn and the high strung lady who just wants to be able to cook for her kids and cries a lot), but if TWCIA returns for a second season, I hope they chillax a little bit and actually try and teach these people how to cook like they’re doing over on Bravo’s Chef Academy. That’s a great show that at least seems like it’s trying to actually help people instead of screwing them over. Anyone agree? Disagree?

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