Magazines Of The Future!!!

I saw this video over on I Heart Chaos and am blown away. Sports Illustrated showed off how their magazine will be viewed on a tablet computer. I love the mix of still photos and video, the flip-through option that allows you to look at spreads and ads that can actually tell you more about what they’re hawking. Coming from a magazine background, I appreciate the layouts and thought that must have gone in to something like this. I’m not sure how the whole magazine and newspaper thing will translate once they’re digital like this (which begs the question, why subscribe when so much is online?), but I can’t wait to see what happens. And hopefully, comics will follow suit very soon. I also appreciate the fact that this will retain the editorial structure that most magazines have and a lot of websites don’t. I think that’s an important structure and relationship that might go the way of the print magazine when everything goes online. Oh, plus, the more magazines there are out there, the more potential freelance is floating around and that’s good for everybody, but especially good for me.

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