My New Favorite Show Right Now Is Life After People

I just got done watching one of the most fascinating hours of television I’ve seen in a long time thanks to The History Channel’s Life After People. I’ve been wanting to check this show out for a while, but had just been missing it until tonight when I, somewhat ironically, saw the very episode I mentioned over on my weekly TV column We Like To Watch which featured this awesome thing called the Crypt of Civilization, a satellite full of emails, Marine dogs, the monument of the guys raising the flag in Iwo Jima, a boat and a pickle shaped building in England. The show is set up fantastically, under the assumption that humans basically just disappear one day and the show picks up at various increments after that from 1 day to 500,000 years.

So, what they do is introduce the elements that we’ll be following throughout the episode in the beginning and then take it step by step. Day one, most things are pretty good. Six months later, the flag on the monument has blown away. In 8113 AD the Crypt of Civilization would have been opened if the building around it hadn’t crumbled inward. They use a combination of experts and science (and often scientific experts) to explain how a lot of these things will happen while also comparing them to real world events. For instance, there was an insane asylum that was abandoned in a day or two that was still standing, completely full of all its stuff. They can take information about this place and compare it to other places. The whole thing is really fascinating and I can’t wait to see future installments. I now also want to set a stoner comedy movie in the Crypt of Civilization Biodome-style. DON’T STEAL MY IDEA!

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