Watching Lost

I haven’t decided yet how in depth I’m going to talk about Lost this season. I’m definitely not going to live blog it because then I won’t be able to pay attention to the episode. I will say that I loved it. I have no idea what’s going on and I don’t really want to theorize because, what’s the point? What I will talk about is how the missus and I actually watch Lost. It’s the only show in which we turn all the lights off and even close our laptops and her new iPod Touch. There’s very little talking and absolutely no phone calls accepted during that time. And I usually have a drink. Last night I altered between Coors Light and Jaggermeister with some ice. I usually get really giddy about something cool, last night it was the idea of getting a look at the actual temple and the fact that the dude who hates English has some rad ninja moves. Man, I love this show. How about you guys? How do you watch Lost?

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