Ad It Up: Batman/Punisher

From Legends Of The Dark Knight Annual #4, 1994

I wish I could say I read this comic when it came out, but Prestige Format one-shots were not in 11-year-old TJ’s budget back then. I also wasn’t really into Punisher yet and was having a hard enough time keeping up with all the AzBats stuff, so it’s probably for the better. This was one of those deals from back in the mid 90s where the companies would each publish one one-shot. This one was DC’s (according to and was written by Denny O’Neil and drawn by Barry Kitson. Meanwhile, Marvel’s starred the actual Batman, was written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by John Romita Jr. Even though I’m not a huge JRJR fan (I get it, you like Frank Miller), I think Marvel got the better end of this deal. Anyway, I posted this for two reasons. First, I wish Marvel and DC could get their shit together and start doing crossovers again. Maybe we got spoiled int he 90s with DC vs. Marvel, phone voting, All Access, Amalgam, JLA/Avengers and random prestige format books like this, but come on! Get over the hump and get back to it already! The second reason is because I would actually love to see a balls-to-the-wall redo of this comic. Like I said, I have no idea what actually goes on in this book, but judging by some of the other books from this time period, I’m guessing it’s fairly tame. I want to see a MAX version of this crossover with AzBats and Punisher running around just wrecking shop on bad guys, blowing shit up and probably mixing it up themselves (because that’s how these things work). If you can’t get someone like Brubaker or Ennis to write it, give me a call and I’ll hook you up Marvel and DC!

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