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As you might expect with Lost coming back this week, there’s been all kinds of talk about it online. Like I mentioned before, I’m not interested in reading through theories, but I do check out every episode on Lostpedia because I don’t catch on to things like Sun and Jin not being married in the alternate reality and all the differences between the two realities. In other lost news, Bif Bang Pow’s Mego-like Lost figures don’t look so hot. After the completely unposable McFarlane figures that never seemed to come out at the right time, I was hoping for some cool poseable figures. Instead we get these. I’m not a big fan of the Mego style because I’m not old enough to remember them, but these just look kind of ridiculous with good likenesses on top of goofy bodies. Here’s hoping they do some standard figures too. (via TNI)

Meanwhile Sam points out some potential similarities between Star Trek’s use of time travel and the alternate dimensions in Lost, citing JJ Abrams as the common point between them, but as I pointed out in the comments, Abrams has had little to do with the show since the pilot, so I wonder if this was a coincidence. Heck, the Lost guys could have come up with this idea all the way  back in the beginning.

While I’m still waiting for the (hopefully) weekly official Lost podcast to pop up in my iTunes, I think I’ll check out Jorge Garcia’s new podcast called Geronimo Jack’s Beard. Basically the man who plays Hurley sits down with his girlfriend and talks about the show. Haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m glad Whitney at Pop Matters pointed it out.

You’ve got to check out Kiel’s new (hopefully regular) post over on The Cool Kids Table in which he talks to his mom about Lost after watching it. She seems to hate the show, but still watches it. It’s great fun. Here‘s what she thought of the first episode of the season.

Of course, the comic internet has continued on with plenty of crazy rumors and stories. I love this particular story that my buddy Steve Sunu wrote for CBR in which Joe Casey says that Superman/Batman #69 and 70 have nothing to do with Our Worlds At War even though the trade dress says it does. Apparently the book that should have died when Loeb left is now trying to answer unanswered questions left after big events, but Casey wrote this story fairly generically. He does say he’s got some good ideas for other Aftermath stories, but we’ll see if those come out. I love when creators talk honestly about projects.

Speaking of speaking honestly, my buddy Sean T. Collins clears up one aspect or Rich Johnston’s recent rumor about Wizard knowing something about new Watchmen stories a few years back over on Robot 6. This jibes with what I remember happening back then. I think I was still in the research department at the time and loved seeing the files come in for this piece because I’m a big Art Adams fan. Too bad he doesn’t draw any interiors that I would care to read anymore.

And finally, for today at least, check out this rad piece of Umbrella Academy that Autumn Society of Philadelphia member Gleb Brogan did. This is great timing especially after just talking about UA: Dallas yesterday. It sure looks pretty.

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