Casting Internets

Wow, busy day today. I spent my day working on some freelance and it looks like a lot of other people were too as there were some great posts online.My buddy Jim McCann’s working on a Dazzler comic, which he talked to CBR about. I’m both really excited for him and jealous of his success. I also know Brian Warmoth has to be really jazzed about this.

Meanwhile Topless Robot hit me up with two great pieces today. First up, they said that Neil Gaiman is writing an episode of Doctor Who. We’re almost done with David Tennant’s run as The Doctor, but this has got me looking forward to the future.

TR also ran a list of 7 reasons people are still watching Heroes. The first season of Heroes was a rollercoaster for me. I wanted to like it and it started off boring, then I missed several weeks only to get caught up in one huge marathon right before the finale, which got me really jazzed. Then the finale hit and it was just stupid. I was out. Em watched for a little bit longer, but I couldn’t even be in the room with that idea swiping show. I’m shocked any self respecting geek still watches it.

/Film collected some videos of Quentin Tarantino speaking at the Directors on Directing panel from this weekend. The above clip is about how Avatar would have influenced Kill Bill had they come out in a different order. I could listen to this dude talk all day, so these videos are right up my alley.Lucy Knisley, who I briefly interviewed for this piece about Marvel’s Girl Comics, did a rad strip on her site called Field Guide To People-Watching At A Late-Night, Adults-Only Skate At A Roller Rink In The Chicago Suburbs, 2010. The above is my second favorite page, you should definitely click the link to watch the whole thing. She really makes me wish I could draw better. I’d love to do things like this, but I’ve got zero skillz. Speaking of rad art, check out Chris Samnee‘s GI Robot sketch which kicks of yet another week of fun over on ComicTwart.And for one more piece of art, I just saw this piece by Jim McHugh portraying early Jim and Pam from The Office over on his McIllustrator Blog. It’s a good one I recommend for your bloglines or RSS feeds.

2 thoughts on “Casting Internets

  1. Somewhere, there’s this guy who in the course of one panel walked up and looked at my name-tag and told me he really appreciated the Essential Dazzler review I wrote only to later walk up to Jim minutes later and present him with what I understand to be a hacked Ultimate Alliance level he’d made so that you could play as Dazzler. This guy is also hearing the Dazzler news somewhere and losing his mind with pleasure.

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