Friday Dietsch Links

Golly, I’ve been slacking off in linking to myself lately. I had a good deal of posts this week, mostly thanks to, but I also had my first post go up over on and will have some other links coming up over this weekend thanks to a top secret new gig I have.

I know I briefly mentioned this story in a recent Casting Internets, but I wanted to mention the mini interviews I did with the women writing the first issue of Girl Comics for Marvel. It sounds like a pretty rad anthology that I will be checking out. I also talked with Kelly Sue DeConnick about her upcoming Rescue one-shot about Pepper Potts heading out west to save Tony Stark.

I also talked with Jeff Parker twice about two upcoming Heroic Age projects he’s got in the works: Thunderbolts and a new Agents Of Atlas series called simply Atlas. I am a huge fan of Parker’s and can’t wait to see his take on these teams (I know he’s been on T-Bolts for a bit, but I can’t read that book until Dark Reign is donezo).

And, in my final pair of Marvel links, I did write-ups about two new Sideshow statues for them. One about a Ms. Marvel Premium Format Figure and one about a Bullseye Comiquette. Both look pretty rad if you’re a big fan of those characters.

Oh, I also did a story about a contest Marvel’s doing for the C2E2 convention where you can win lunch with a Marvel editor. For more details, click here.

Here’s my first list over on’s The Goods. Thanks to Tracey John for the gig. The list is the 11 most essential complete DVD TV box sets. Enjoy!

And, I honestly can’t remember the last time I linked to my weekly TV column over on, but here‘s last week’s column and here‘s this week’s. Next week’s will go up Sunday night I think, so you can check out it then and actually be more up on these things than me.

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