Toy Commercial Tuesday: Clawful & Fisto MOTU

Man, I miss toy commercials like this. Do they still show kids actually playing with toys in commercials anymore? Back when I was little, I had Fisto, but not Clawful and as a result I don’t really remember much about him until he reappeared in the 2002 animated series. Also, you’ve got to wonder how powerful Clawful must be if he can just take the Sword of Power away from He-Man. That can’t be good for business.

2 thoughts on “Toy Commercial Tuesday: Clawful & Fisto MOTU

  1. i had Clawful but not Fisto. I dont think my parents would let me have him because of the name. Not that i understood it at the time.

    I also had Jistu. He was like Fisto, but waaaaaaay more racial insensitive. And his hand was gold and he did Karate chops.

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