Lost Thoughts: The Substitute

I’m not sure if I have a favorite character on Lost, but I definitely have a favorite actor and that’s Terry O’Quinn (especially after seeing him in The Stepfather), so getting double doses of him as Locke X (I’m taking the title of the first episode to imply a dimension X kind of thing) and Non Locke (aka the Smoke Monster) was aces in my book, especially because you get him being a badass in one and him showing off some emotions in the other. Tonight’s episode gave a good deal of answers and I think laid out what the rest of the season (or at least part of it) will be about: Non Locke and company trying to get off the island and the rest of the crew trying to stop him. I’m hoping Non Locke gets a few more people on his side for a cool showdown, but we’ll see. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts and questions as they popped up during the episode.

So, Locke X is still with Helen (Katey Sagal) and still has a relationship with his dad. So how did he become paralyzed?

“Sorry I punched you in the throat.” – Non Locke to Richard. We’ve never seen Richard this scared.

Recruiting for what?

Non Locke and drunk/angry Sawyer will make an awesome team. It’s like he’s putting together a supervillain team, not the first time for Locke.

“I thought you were dead.” – Sawyer. “I am.” – Locke

Who’s the kid? Does he mean that Locke can’t kill Sawyer or someone else? Turns out he can’t kill any of the candidates.

Em’s theory: Jacob is like a phoenix as he died in fire and what’s her name collected his ashes.

My theory: the reason Aaron is so important is because Jacob will need his body. We didn’t see his name but we didn’t NOT see his name.

John Locke loves saying “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” I wonder if Non Locke is kind of like a Black Lantern in DC Comics, it kind of wears the identity of the person and absorbs part of it.

I think Ben should have to bury Locke.

This is the first time I haven’t hated Rose. Probably because Bernard isn’t around for her to berate.

Why is Non Locke stuck this way? Because the body is dead? Why didn’t Ben say “What?” just one more time to find out?!

I agree with Lapidus, that was one hell of a weird funeral. Not many murderers bury their victim in a make shift cemetery and then deliver a heartfelt eulogy.

Whoa, the Non Locke cave. Not the easiest entrance in the world, but I guess a sign that folds down wouldn’t really do it on the island. I wonder if Jacob could become non corporeal like the smoke monster.

Love the black and white rocks on the scale and the “inside joke.”

Holy shit, it’s everyone’s names. Who’s crossing them off? Em said she saw numbers. Okay, so it’s THE numbers, but not everyone’s names. “Jacob had a thing for numbers.” I wonder if Richard is on that rock. Is Kate not listed? If not, why is she still alive? This might explain why Jack couldn’t kill himself (assuming Non Locke is telling the truth).

Gotta love seeing an unspoiled and normal Ben. That’s what happen when you don’t grow up on a prison island, get shot by a time traveling Iraqi torturer, getting resurrected and killing hundreds of people.

Non Locke really knew how to push Sawyer’s buttons telling him that Jacob was pulling his strings most of his life. Non Locke tells him that he can either become the next Jacob (that’s what a candidate is, but is it the same as a recruit?), do nothing or leave, but he’s clearly not telling the whole truth and trying to get Sawyer to help him leave the island, which is some kind of prison for him. What does that make him? The devil?

So, assuming that the island is a kind of prison for Smokey, what does it mean in dimension X after the island got blown up? Are he and Jacob still alive? Did they die in the explosion? Is Smokey out in the world causing trouble? SO many questions, but I’ve got full faith they’ll be answered.

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