Surviving The Snowpocalypse

Whew. After getting my all time best hit day on Thursday thanks to my post about the latest episode of Real World, I had plans for more posts over the weekend, but at about noon on Friday our power went out thanks to a crazy amount of storm. We started getting snow on Tuesday night but it had stopped by Wednesday morning. When I left to go babysit for the day it looked like this outside:Not too bad. It didn’t snow during the day Wednesday but that night it started up again and it snowed consistently all through Thursday. All freakin’ day. Non stop. Then Friday, it finally slowed down and we had a butt ton of snow. The missus didn’t have to go into work either day and the New York area was pretty much shut down (at least around us). Then, at noon, the power went out. And it staid out for 53 hours until last night at 5 pm. We danced around like maniacs when the power clicked back on. Took a while for the cable and internet to come back, but we just wanted the heat. There ended up being a lot more snow than in the following picture. There are actually big banks in the parking lot that are taller than me and our mailbox was blocked for a few days by a downed tree branch. I think it was all those falling branches that took everything out.

So, I figured it would be in the interest of humanity to let you know what we did to keep some of our food from spoiling and not going completely insane or frigid. First off, for heat, we took the advice from some friends and put a big pot of water on the stove (we’ve got a gas stove, so we just lit it with a match and were good to go) and let it boil. That worked really well and we were able to get the temp in the house up like six degrees. The only problem is that it might have lead to some water damage on our ceiling thanks to the huge amounts of steam we put into the condo. There’s only one spot, but at some point yesterday we realized the walls were sweating so we eased off.

Luckily, the entire town wasn’t out of power so we drove around and ate out almost every meal, except for breakfast on Saturday which Em made fried chicken, eggs and gravy for, using up most of our perishable food. We also put some food in coolers down near our door (we’re on the second story of our condo unit and it’s pretty cold down there) and filled them with snow. This saved a few things from our fridge and freezer, but we still had to toss a bunch of things.

We also dug out all of our candles, flashlights, head lights, reading lights, matches and push lights, which came in handy, especially when the missus and I tried to play some games:Milo wasn’t too thrilled about not being showered with attention. The power being out didn’t seem to bother him too much, except for when the lights didn’t come on at night. I think he was just as happy as I was when the cable kicked on today after my jaunt to Panera. Look for plenty of movie and book reviews coming as soon as I get caught up on my freelance. Oh, and if you’re looking for new content, do yourself a favor and check out what my comrades have been doing over on We Are The Law.

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