Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 9

Wow, okay, I’m going to just post my notes on this one. For those of you wonder, yes, this is the episode in which Andrew fell and got hurt pretty bad. As I note, I HATE this kid, but no one should get tossed over a friggin’ high-ass porch onto cement. As a long time Real World fan, I’m pretty disappointed with how violent and dangerous the non-Mike men on this cast. In this episode Ty pushes a girl in a way that is not playful and shoves Andrew off the steps (I don’t know what to call this thing, it’s not a balcony, it’s not really a porch, it’s bigger than a stoop). Meanwhile, to a lesser degree, because he didn’t actually lay hands on her, Josh gets in Emily’s face in a violent and unnerving manner. And, let’s face it, most hook ups on this show are alcohol fueled which mean they’re skirting laws at best. Blech, I’m hoping Ty gets kicked out, Andrew maybe learns to not be such a douche and Josh goes home too, but I doubt all of those things will happen. Maybe I’m getting too old for this shit. Hit the jump for the live blogging, including the full account of the altercation between Ty and Andrew. *Gah, Andrew is such a skeevoid. And he finally hooked up.

*I can’t tell if Josh is a taint and Andrew is an asshole or vice versa.

*”I keep feeling like he should have been in the first cast. He looks like he walked out of 1992.” – Em about Josh. Super true.

*His singing is terrible. I can only assume that the band took him in to be on TV and get some exposure.

*Man, Josh’s mom does NOT like his girlfriend.

*All three dudes are lined up next to each other at a bar making out against the wall. Gross.

*Andrew, they’re screwing you because of the cameras, dork.

*Josh and Andrew bring some girls back to the house and one of them insults one of the female roommates. Ashley jumps in to defend whoever it was (couldn’t see it), then Emily does the same, but Ty pushes her back, saying not to mess up Josh getting down with this girl, who is not his girlfriend. Who says chivalry is dead?

*Now Ty’s threatening to push girls around the house. Wow. Mike’s better this episode, but now three dudes on this show are complete and total douchebags.

*Josh’s girlfriend calls him while he’s in bed with another girl. He of course answers the call and talks to her for a while.

*God, I hope Andrew’s using protection. More of him would be awful.

*Ty apologizing to Emily doesn’t make me think any more of him. I think he’s still a rage-filled ass hat who’s two steps away from aggravated assault like Andrew’s two steps away from getting locked up on sexual assault charges.

*”I want to have sex with her again, why else would you take a girl on a date?” – Andrew. AND HE GOT STOOD UP!!! YES!!! KARMA!!! NOOOO, she came!!! At least she thought about standing him up and now she’s telling him that.

*I’ve got to give it to Emily for seeking out working with kids. Same with Mike for the volunteering he’s doing. These dudes don’t HAVE to do anything and most of them aren’t, but these two are trying to make a difference. Kudos.

*I love Callie telling Josh how shitty it is to be cheated on. And it makes him feel bad, which is good. That’s what happens when you are an ass.

*Now every time Erika talks, I feel like she’s just trying to get into the show, which isn’t fair, but she bugged me way too much last week.

*Josh’s girlfriend is all like “You’re mine. All mine.” Heh, and about a dozen other peoples’ probably.

*Whoa, super awkward. Ashley and Emily are talking about Josh cheating on his girlfriend with his girl right there. She says it had happened once before. The girlfriend is clearly pressing the roommates for info and now she’s confronting Josh about it, calling the girls to the carpet unnecessarily. Haha, then Josh says that he’s upset with the girls for bringing it up in front of her! YOU ARE CHEATING!!!

*Kudos to the girls for not straight up saying “Yeah, he cheated on you.”

*Now Josh is bringing yet another girl home from a bar. Is this the same day that he took his girlfriend to the airport? Apparently not because she’s home. Wow, this dude has a girl using the bathroom, he doesn’t want things to go any further with his girlfriend and hurt her, so he calls his girlfriend up and breaks up with her saying he’s trying really hard and he’s only a man. And now, after listening to his now ex cry on the phone he’s going to go bone this other broad? SLIME BALL.

*Now he’s getting way up in Emily’s face, all violent like. Haha, the girl from the bar heard the whole argument and bounced. Wow, so two of men on this show seem like they’re just a few drinks and comments away from HITTING A GIRL. Let me cast this show next time dammit.

*Wow, so the girl from the bar stayed even after hearing the fight between Josh and Ashley. AND Josh still boned her after hearing his ex sob like he killed her puppy.

*Everything about Josh seems fake. From the way he dresses, wears his hair to the way he talks.

*Now Callie’s brother is visiting. They’re really cramming a lot in this episodes.

*Oh no, Callie’s brother is wearing one of Andrew’s animal hats. “I’ve got to say that Callie’s brother works the panda hat, unlike Andrew.” – the missus

*A bunch of people are in the bean bag room talking in a room. Ty’s trying to get Emily’s goat in front of Callie’s brother for some reason. They’re really making it seem like Ty will be the one to knock Andrew off the stairs, which they are clearly holding off until the very end of this episode so they can make the whole next episode about the aftermath.

*Now Ty’s drunk and trying to talk to Emily, but she doesn’t want to be around him while he’s like that.

*Josh is saying Ty should have been cooler, yet while he’s actually in the moment, Josh does nothing to try and stop Ty from being a dick.

*Wow, okay, so here’s how it went down. Ty’s out on the porch yelling at Emily. He’s drunk, she doesn’t seem to be. She’s saying she doesn’t want to talk about it, but he’s still yelling and talking smack, throwing whatever he’s eating at her and Ashley.

*Needless to say, things are tense. Andrew comes out, he’s REALLY drunk, talking about how he wants to get pizza, then immediately trying to hit on Emily. It seems as though he missed all the craziness between Ty and Emily. Ty moves further down the steps towards the sidewalk, Andrew’s above him. The cameras switch from the shoulder cams they usually use to security cameras. It looks like Andrew is either offering Ty some of his juice or maybe pouring some on him. Ty flips, rushes him, grabs him by the shirt and basically forces him over the ledge. You can hear Andrew screaming for Ty to stop and then moaning from the ground. His face is purple by the time the cameras get down there.

*Hey, I don’t like Andrew. A lot. But I still had a sense of dread watching the events unfold. You knew how it was going to end (badly) you just weren’t sure how it’d get there.

*From the next episode ad, it looks like Ty is pretty cool about what he did, which was fairly barbaric. Makes you wonder what the MTV people are really looking for when they cast these things now. Are you a violent douchebag? Are you a potential date rapist? Come, be on the Real World!


To see how the next episode turned out, click here.

2 thoughts on “Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 9

  1. Ty… Completely uncalled for! Josh… What a fucking douche, he thinks he’s amazing and he sounds like a bad American idol audition. Andrew… Total dork but for some reason I think he’s hillarious. I hope ty gets kicked off, this violent act has got out of hand, it just keeps getting worse and worse. What’s next? Kicking a roomates ass? Hurting one of the girls? Bye bye.

    Ps: when they were showing a preview to the after show, the girl voice over called Josh, “John.” ahah. When they care so little about someone that they don’t even catch a mess up in the name that’s sad

    1. Haha, I agree on all points except Andrew. Can’t stand the kid. Every time he talks I want to punch the TV. What’s even worse is that I’m sure he gets off on people like me not liking him, but what are you gonna do? I noticed that too about them saying the wrong name. MTV did the same thing on the website around the first episode of Jersey Shore where they got almost everyone’s name wrong.

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