Lost Thoughts: Sundown

Wow. Great episode. I think this one might have been my favorite Flash Sideways of the show so far. I’m not exactly sure what the point of these things is (see below for a theory that doesn’t really fit by the end of the episode, but I left it in anyway), but I liked this one, especially with the very brief and unimportant scene with Jack passing by Sayid in the hospital. Sayid being successfully bad ass is awesome, even if he’s making some potentially atrocious decisions.

I like the parallels between the stories, in both Sayid’s supposed to hurt someone he doesn’t want to because people around him know about his history. You can’t outrun the past.

The Sayid/Dogen fight might be the best one in the series, but it’s clearly not Sayid, but a stuntman whose hair is covering his face nearly the whole time. Still looked relatively cool.

Interesting, Dogen referred to Smokey as a man. I wonder if that’s a special Smokey-killing dagger or just something he likes.

I didn’t think Sayid would stab Non Locke but he did. Too bad Non Locke got a few words out first. I wonder if he would have died if Sayid was a little faster. It’s interesting that there wasn’t any sort of blood on the dagger.

I’m thinking the alternate dimension is like a reward that Non Locke somehow created. That’s the world he’s offering in exchange for their allegiance.

Whoa, it’s crazy that Non Locke said everyone has to leave by that night and leave the island or they’ll be killed. That should look pretty awesome.

It’s cool seeing the kids from the plane grown up. I wonder if they’re the same kids?

Claire looks extra freakin’ crazy down in a hole like that. Can’t wait to see the eventual Claire/Kate fight. I wonder if Kate telling Claire that her mom is watching Aaron (and not in a coma anymore) would make her more or less mad?

I don’t care what the situation is, I love seeing Sayid killing assholes like Keamy. Also, it’s awesome seeing Dimension X Jin again.

Wow. The whole last part of the episode was amazing. Sayid delivering the message, people bolting, Sayid drowning Dogen, slashing Lennon’s throat, scaring the shit out of Ben, and then walking out of the Temple like a BAMF with Claire and Kate, who looks either bewildered or “one-of-us” I can’t quite tell.

The scene with Ben’s crew showing up was shot really weirdly, like you didn’t see everyone right away and then there was a close-up of Ben. I like how the “teams” keep shifting.

Looks like Non Locke’s team is getting bigger and bigger. I wonder if Walt will come into play on the good guy side. And possible Widmore? Who else is there? Desmond’s still out in the real world, right?

What made Dogen keep Smokey out?

Where the hell is Sawyer?

Is Jack still out looking at the ocean?

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