Lost Thoughts: Dr. Linus

Loved this episode, both the regular and Dimension X timeline stuff. Also, take note of some of the big answers we got this episode.

I would definitely watch a spin off set in the alternate universe starring Ben, Artz and Locke teaching in a high school.

I really thought Miles would lie to keep Ben on his good side, but nope.

What a weird group of people: Illana, Ben, Miles, Lapidus and Sun.

So Ben and his dad did go to the island and came back, yet they don’t know it’s at the bottom of the ocean now. Interesting. I wonder why they left? Alex is one of his students.

I liked seeing Ben in Sawyer’s old tent.

I love seeing Richard not knowing what the hell is going on and just popping up in various places. He tells Hurley Jacob gave him a gift to keep him young. Richard tells Hurley Jacob is lying to him. Interesting. Now Richard wants to die using something in Black Rock, probably dynamite.

I’m not a big fan of Ben digging his own grave. Seems kind of on the nose.

I am a big fan of Miles calling back to Nicky and Paulo.

I wonder if Ben really can still get off the island easily. What is the network of people and resources he has access to?

It’s cool that Jack tried to kill himself but the island won’t let him die and now he’s sitting with Richard while dynamite’s lit.

I HATE seeing vulnerable Ben in the regular timeline. Though having Non Locke tempt him and Illana accept him was a nice touch. It’s like seeing neutered Spike in Buffy.

I like the parallel between Ben leading to Alex’s death in the main timeline and her future education in Dimension X. It’s cool how the stakes are much lower but the emotions behind them are the same. Taking control of an LA public school might not be killing a hundred people on an island, but I bet Ben felt the same in both cases.

Jack and Richard, epic team-up!

I can’t wait to see Non Locke and his team of bad guys in the Hydra station. Man, this is just like a comic!!!

This team just got a whole lot cooler with the addition of Jack, Richard and Hurley. I hope this leads to an all out war! Will the world explode now that all the viewer identification characters are in one place? Hurley, Lapidus and Miles?

Good to know Dimension X Ben isn’t quite as big of an ass as regular Ben.

5 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts: Dr. Linus

  1. Though it certainly *seemed* like Ben and his dad didn’t know that the island sank, it was never explicity stated that they didn’t know. But yeah, “Things would be awesome if we had stayed on the island” does pretty heavily imply they don’t know.

    And Ben’s off-island network and resources have definitely been established. Sayid was part of that network and Ben has cash stashed everywhere that he stole from Widmore and other places.

    1. I know we’ve seen Ben using his network, but I’m curious where it actually comes from. Is it leftover Dharma stuff somehow? Off-island others? Other servants of Jacob who somehow have tons of money? I don’t think it’s a necessary mystery to answer, but I’ve always wondered about it.

      1. Of all the things I’ve had a burning desire to know in regards to this show, the origins of Ben’s network has never been one of them. Not saying it’s not interesting, I’ve just never really wondered. I always assumed he stole resources from Widmore for whatever reason.

      2. Haha, I noticed that in the beginning too. There were a lot of things that I probably didn’t note because I wait until the commercials to type anything.

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