Ad It Up: DC One Million

From Major Bummer #11, 1998

To 15-year-old me, comics didn’t get cooler than DC One Million. Back in 1998, DC kicked off an event that had the heroes of the day interacting with their counterparts in the 853rd Century (because that’s when the millionth issue of a DC comic would conceivably come out if numbering staid consistent and, you know, we don’t blow ourselves up or become enslaved by aliens). Anyway, there was a four issue miniseries and then every book at the time got a tie-in that’s actually numbered as #1,000,000, which I’m sure screwed up a lot of people’s filing systems. Do you put them in at the end of the run (like I did) or keep it in it’s chronological place? Such burning questions!

The main miniseries was written by Grant Morrison. I remember really liking a lot of what went on in the main book (the Superman and Lois in the future is one of my all time favorite moments in comics) and the tie-ins (better than having a Black Lantern pop up in every one and get taken out by some third and fourth stringers who by all rights should be dead after a run in with a regular zombie let alone a superpowered one). I haven’t read any of these books since they first came out, but wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the trade which collects the mini along with GL, Resurrection Man, Starman and Superman: One Of Tomorrow #1,000,000, but being the completist I am, I’d much prefer an omnibus, maybe even on that I will get bound myself. I think I’m only missing a few of the 1 Million tie-ins and bet I can get them in dollar-or-less bins at shows. Plus, Morrison’s gone back and referred to this stuff a bunch of times between his runs on JLA and All Star Superman, so it’s still relevant. For a look at the many ties in Morrison’s work, check out the not-updated-enough The Gold In Us, Will Survive In You blog.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on the ad itself. Man, this is a bad one. Who would want to read anything that looks more like a Trapper Keeper than anything? A simple image of the big three in from the future would have gone a long way, but I can’t imagine getting too jazzed about anything based on the symbols you see on the backs of the chairs in the JLA meeting room and a bunch of circles floating around colorfully. Ah well, what do I know? I bought the whole damn thing anyway.

One thought on “Ad It Up: DC One Million

  1. I realllllly dug DC One Million. Took forever to track down the TPB a few years back. But comics don’t really get any bigger or more off the wall actiony and fun than this. Plus Superman Prime pwnz all.

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