Three Reasons I Wish I Had Boomerang

Thanks to some old wiring in our building, we can’t have digital cable. At first we were pretty bummed because we couldn’t have DVR or a million channels, but we got used to it once we found out it’d only run us $15 a month (not including internet, that took even longer to set up). For the most part, it doesn’t bother me. Then I have days like today where I babysit and get to see the wonders of Boomerang, the old school Cartoon Network spin-off that basically just plays old Hanna-Barbera and original CN shows. After we watched some inane and awful current children’s programming on Disney Channel, I seamlessly switched over to show the baby stuff like Snorks, Smurfs, Hong Kong Phooey and the following.

Big babies, super basketball players and robotic comedians, what else could you want?

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