Photoshop Fun: Terry And The Pirates

I have no idea why this popped into my head today on the way to the coffee shop. I’ve been wanting to do a little Photoshopping lately because I really don’t know how to use this program. I thought of the title first then thought “Who’s named Terry?” Terrance Stamp seemed close enough and even though I hate the Superman movies, he makes a pretty cool Zod. And, what better pirates to put him with than the Pirates of the Caribbean. So, I cut Stamp out of his shot, then cut Keira Knightley out of the Pirates photo. I learned how to use the Clone Stamp to make sand where she was standing. That’s when my Photoshop started over, which was tons of fun. So, I had to redo everything and then cobble the logo together from the actual Terry and the Pirates logo and the Pirates of the Caribbean one. I’m not sure happy with the logo, but it was a fun learning experience. Oh, I also added the lens flare for, well, flair.

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