Confessions Of A Danger-Ish Mind: Real Housewives Of New York Is Losing Me

Now, I hope it’s obvious that the confession here is that I watch Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City and not that I’m losing interest in the show. Here’s the problem, the not-really-housewives are coming off as really terrible people or constantly fighting with the others and becoming less and less interesting. Now, I don’t want to comment on these individuals as actual people, but the characters they’ve been edited into. Obviously there’s a lot that goes on that doesn’t make it into the show. Hell, when I watch these long running reality shows, I tend to think of everyone more as ficitonal characters anyway. Anyone else do that? Anyway, Here’s my rundown of the “housewives” and my current take on them after the most recent episode called “New Girl, Old Money” which introduces a new “housewife” who is not even a wife. Oh, also, I obviously snagged these pics from Bravo’s site, their full gallery is here.

Ramona is out-of-her-mind crazy. No two ways about it. She’s got no class and constantly gets into peoples’ faces at the least appropriate times, always chalking it up to just being honest. Let me tell you, the world doesn’t need the honesty of some broad with crazy eyes. The Countess has been pretty disappointing this year, coming off as a catty high school mean girl. She should be one of the more sympathetic characters because she got divorced between seasons, but instead she’s coming off as even more arrogant than ever before. Plus, her relationship with Jill has gotten to whole new levels of weirdness with them hanging out in bed together and the Countess repeatedly jumping in when Bethenny was trying to patch things up with Jill. Yeah, it’s awkward, but maybe you should relax and not be so selfish with your friend.

Jill has really come off as a mean, spiteful person so far this season. Bethenny has tried to apologize to her repeatedly and yet she’s not letting it get through. I understand being upset about Bethenny not being around when her husband had cancer, but she blew that whole phone message way out of promotion. It seems like with tonight’s episode she might actually think about forgiving Bethenny, but she’s also coming off as this total press hound, shilling for Kodak in the middle of a Kodak party after Ramona says Kodak isn’t doing so well. Hey, they’re not. I don’t want to defend Ramona who, again, shouldn’t have brought it up at that time, but still, Jill came off as being so terrified of miffing a sponsor. Lame.

Sonja’s the new “girl.” She’s obsessed with her body, sex and animals. Or something. She comes off as an even more annoying Carrie Bradshaw (kind of looks like her too). Sonja seems to fit right in in her debut episode as she both stirs up, gets in the middle of and spreads trouble around. Don’t expect her to become a sympathetic character, she’s supposed to be the racy one, the one who, gasp, talks about sex!!!

Alex hasn’t really been much of a factor aside from facilitating meetings with the other women for them to argue at and meeting up with people after they’ve had arguments. I actually really like her and Simon’s relationship. They’re weirdly infatuated with each other and might have strange ideas on just about everything, but their kind of endearing. The problem is that, they’re also boring in the same way that Switzerland is boring (chocolate and knives aside). With Bethenny and Jill fighting, Alex has become Bethenny’s new best friend and ends up communicating with the other girls, but it’s all just kind of whatever. Give her and Simon their own spinoff where they live in Brooklyn and aren’t forced to hang out with all these crazy people and I think it could work.

Kelly’s been on the defensive a lot this season, but it’s all been pretty warranted. It seems like everywhere she goes, she’s getting into it with someone (most often Ramona) or getting put into weird situations (Ramona disliking Kelly because she made up with Bethenny). Last year, Kelly came off as one of the villains, but I think she just doesn’t choose her words well and likes to put negative encounters out of her head. Seeing her walking around and talking to people for her fashion column (I wonder how heavily edited that bad boy is) adds to her charm this season, but it’s exhausting to watch someone constantly being railroaded by these other women and I can only imagine how hugely annoying it must be to live.

Ah Bethenny. The tell-it-like-it-is health and fitness buff has really become the heroine this season. They tried to make her the villain in the Jill/cancer storyline, but that only last until we actually heard the message and her side of things. She’s finally got a man who seems good for her, which is nice, but she gains sympathy thanks to her repeated battles with Jill, dealing with the Countess’ seeming jealousy and Ramona’s all around craziness (tell her that she’ll probably screw things up with her boyfriend). Of course, adding to her heroine status is the fact that she’s now pregnant. Maybe the news will spread some good tidings throughout the “housewives” and they can reign in the cattiness to at least cut down on the annoyance this season.

I know this entire Real Housewives empire is based on people watching rich people and either admiring them or disliking them, but for whatever reason these women are making me less and less interested in tuning in every week. We’ll see, maybe I’ll stick around until Jill finally accepts Bethenny’s apology only for Bethenny to then throw a pie in her face. Fingers crossed.

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