Supergroup Showcase: Chickenfoot

For the purposes of Supergroup Showcase the term supergroup means a band or group of musicians made up of two or more artists from previously successful bands, not necessarily super huge bands like Led Zeppelin.

THE PLAYERS: Sammy Hagar on vocals (Van Halen, solo), Joe Satriani on guitar (solo, G3), Chad Smith on drums (Red Hot Chili Peppers) & Michael Anthony on bass (Van Halen)
HISTORY: Started out jamming, then put out their self titled record in 2009 and went on tour for a bit. Smith went back to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but everyone says this isn’t a one-off project. (via Wiki)

When I first heard about Chickenfoot, I was pretty jazzed. Just look at that line-up. How can you not like Van Halen (though, to be honest, I’m a much bigger fan of David Lee Roth-era Van Halen, but I still appreciate Haggar’s tenure with the band)? I’m a gigantic RHCP fan and think Chad Smith is one of the best drummers in the business right now and I’ve got a lot of respect for Joe Satriani though I’ve only ever purchased and listened to Surfing With The Alien. I picked this record up when I was working in the city at the local Best Buy that turned into a weekly Mecca for me to help grant me sanity.Unfortunately my first few listens of the Chickenfoot record didn’t offer much in the way of an escape. Yes the music is sick and of the highest caliber, but the lyrics are terrible. You’ll be bobbing your head along to Smith’s hard hitting beats, Anthony’s thumping bass and Satriani’s stellar licks and then Haggar’s vocals kick in with lines like these from “Sexy Little Thing” the song in the video below: I wanna roll up in it/Get my sticky fingers all squeaky clean/I’m stretched out and hardly fittin’/I got my buttons poppin’off my chest.” Huhwha? From there it just gets worse and worse.

If you’re a big fan of 80s metal and the kind of lyrics you don’t really have to think about, then Chickenfoot is completely for you. I will say that, if I’m driving in the summer with my windows down, Chickenfoot is one of the first CDs I’ll pop into my car (yup, I still buy CDs!), but it’s no piece of art by any means. All that being said, I think I’d probably check out their next record in the hopes that the lyrics will match the talent of the band.

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