Halloween Scene: Eye See You (2002)

I added Eye See You (also known as D-Tox) based solely on the fact that Sylvester Stallone is in at and as longtime readers know, I’m a big fan of his. Well, it turns out that Eye See You is actually a slasher movie. When I read that, I quickly moved it to the top of my list and gave it a watch last night. Don’t let the fact that Universal sat on this flick for a few years before selling it off to some other distributor get you down, it’s a pretty serviceable mix of action and slasher horror, though it’s not really the most original story.

See, Stallone headed up an FBI task force trying to track down a serial killer who went on to kill his wife. After that he kind of lost his shit and his partner takes him to a rehab center in snow-covered Wyoming that caters specifically to law enforecement types who have also lost their shit. The group is watched over by Kris Kristofferson. In addition to Stallone, the group includes Robert Patrick (T-1000!), Tom Berenger (Sniper!), Charles S. Dutton (A Time To Kill!) and Robert Prosky (the old guy from Last Action Hero & Christine!).

Like I said, the plot isn’t really all that original because it takes the plot of any slasher movie and puts it in the setting of The Thing. Instead of a shapeshifting alien, though, the killer this time around is the serial killer form the beginning who has taken over the identity of a cop. As you might expect, the film develops as the characters start realizing some of their group are missing, then they arm themselves, more people die, someone figures out the killer’s identity, but the audience isn’t told and everything ends with Stallone facing off against the killer. The killer’s identity didn’t really blow me away, but I didn’t call it and they avoided going with the obvious choice, which was nice, but in the end the movie’s pretty fun. Not great, but I don’t think it needed to be shelved and dumped like it was. I would imagine the combination of Stallone, the rest of those actors and a horror movie would be enough of a seller to make at least as much money as they made selling the damn thing. Ah well, the best part of the movie is the very end when SPOILER Stallone throws the killer on a wall of knives or blades and then picks him up and throws him further into the blades. Dude was clearly knew Randy’s rules from Scream and wasn’t about to take any chances.

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