Lost Thoughts: “Across The Sea”

Wowzers. I’ve been staying away from anything that might give away even a hint of the last few episodes of Lost, so I was pretty surprised that this episode circled completely around Jacob and his still-not-named brother and how they became what they are now. Here’s my thoughts.

First off, how cool is it that the episode is named after a Weezer song?

So Jacob and his brother washed up on the island as unborn children inside of their mother who their previously mentioned crazy mother (played by Allison Janney) murdered after they were born. She’s all tuned into the island, seems to know the rules and will do whatever it takes to keep the balance going (nice job).

Okay, I’m teetering between liking and hating the fact that they still haven’t revealed Jacob’s brother’s name. I get that we haven’t been watching his actual brother, but the smoke monster all this time, but it’s been bordering on obnoxious how they’re dancing around the subject. On the other hand, I like that they’re holding back on such an easy and generally unimportant piece of information like that.

I wonder what year Jacob and his brother were born? Doesn’t matter, just curious.

Before anyone goes and gets offended that the writers/director/whoever figured we’d need a call back to Kate and Jack discovering “Adam & Eve” please note that not everyone rewatches the seasons at every possible off season and remembers every single detail from season one. I realized right before the flashback (well, technically it’s a flashforward) that Jacob’s foster mom and brother were “Adam & Eve” but I completely forgot about the bag with the game pieces.

Hey, does this mean we’re supposed to assume that Jacob’s foster mom is named Eve and bro is Adam? Something to think on, but again, it doesn’t really matter.

I think it’s pretty cool that the bad guy isn’t really Jacob’s brother, but Smokey impersonating him. The episode kind of played with our emotions by making us think that Bro/Adam really has been manipulated by Jacob and then flipped the script by making it a completely different entity.

I appreciate the origin story, but it kind of opens up more questions, doesn’t it? What IS the island? How did Allison get there? How far back does this tradition go? What did Jacob throwing his brother into the light hole release? How long as THAT been there? I guess these questions were all hovering anyway, but they brought them back up in my head. Ah well, I liked it for the most part. I’m treating Lost like a Neil Gaiman or Grant Morrison comic at this point where I enjoy the ride and don’t expect EVERYTHING to get explained. That would make for a pretty boring series finale.

3 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts: “Across The Sea”

  1. I…did not care for this episode.

    Didn’t even think about the fact that Smokey might not technically be Jacob’s brother though. I just assumed Smokey is still the brother but he doesn’t have a physical body anymore.

    1. Yeah, it definitely slowed the momentum of the show WAY down considering how crazy last week’s episode. I’m assuming that Smokey is wearing Jacob’s brother then like he wears Locke now. Elements of the personality somehow creep through, but the actual person is dead.

      1. I’m not sold on that because how exactly would Jacob kill his brother when it’s against the “rules”? That violates the whole thing they set up. He didn’t get a proxy to kill him or anything, he flat out drowned his ass, which he wasn’t supposed to be able to do if I understood right.

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