Toy Commercial Tuesday: Batman Returns Wayne Manor

I was about 9 when Batman Returns came out and loved it. It’s still my favorite of the 80s/90s Batman movies. I was also a big fan of action figures and bought the hell out of those figures. And finally, my beloved playsets. Oh how I love them. I think I saved up for a while to get the magical $50 to buy the Wayne Manor/Penguin’s sewer playset (they all cost about that much back then, didn’t they?). I had more fun with that thing than any of my other playsets and even had the Penguin figure in this commercial, which I believe is a holdover from another line which is why it looks absolutely nothing like Danny DeVito. From the breakaway skylights to the Bruce Wayne/Batman changing room and the Batcomputer to the giant garage door for the Batmobile, this is one of my top favorite playsets of all time, mostly because of its incredible versatility. Kenner would go on to repaint this bad boy and use it again for the Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Animated Series lines. Watching this again makes me wish I could afford to buy the most recent/upcoming playsets like Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Pit and the Star Wars AT-AT. Damn, those look rad.

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