Commercial Commentary: Zombies Invade Windows 7

I’ve gotta say, I generally dislike the Windows commercials. They seem to have been playing catch up to the Apple/Mac ones for years now and still don’t quite get it. The Seinfeld/Bill Gates ones were whatever and now these “I created Windows 7” are just terrible. I know the idea behind them is to make people think that Microsoft gives a shit about what people wants, and maybe they do, but the message I get from these people saying they invented the operating system is that they’re conceited, arrogant or just dumb. But hey, I’m a cynical Mac user.

And even though the above commercial has zombies in it, I can’t say I particularly like it. When I first saw it, I only saw it and didn’t hear the audio, so I thought the dude made this video so his girlfriend would think zombies are okay and not mind if he watched zombie movies or played zombie games. By the way, the game they’re playing looks like a PS2/original Xbox game, what’s the deal Microsoft? Also, the footage is from Zombie, but doesn’t get any credits that I can see, which is kind of weird. I didn’t really like Zombie when I watched it, but it seems like there should be some kind of shout out. Click through the link and scroll down to see the full zombie/shark video. Damn, that still looks way too real to be okay.

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