Self Serving Writing Links

This turned out to be a pretty busy week what with all my usual weekly work, finishing a list for Topless Robot, a couple pieces and getting a ton of stuff written for the next issue of ToyFare, the pre-SDCC one. #157 will be a pretty good episode if I say so myself, lots of world premieres and a killer TTT, so be on the look out for that in early July.

Over on’s The Goods, WTF Star Wars?! has been going strong. Lots of good stuff over the past few weeks. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find one Star Wars story a day, but there’s actually for more than that. This gig has gotten me even more interested in Star Wars. I’ve also do a few lists for them that turned out pretty well: 11 Better Choices For The Lost Complete Series Box Set and 11 Other ThunderCats Characters We Want To See In The Relaunch.

For Marvel, I did a story about Christos Gage and Jeff Parker teaming up for an Avengers Academy/Thunderbolts crossover called “Scared Straight.” It sounds like a good, old fashion crossover! I also did a story last week on Darkstar and the Winter Guard which turned out well.

I wrote this 12 Coolest Personifications Of Death list for Topless Robot a few weeks back and it went up this week. I realized too late that I confused Nekron and Kronos for one of the entries. That’s what happens when you don’t triple check your facts, folks.

And, finally, my We Like To Watch TV column went up on Maxim for this week. It’s already pretty useless for this week, but as always, it’s fun to try and figure out which TV shows will be worth watching. Obviously, I was completely wrong about Good Guys, which I mentioned, I didn’t like.

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