Toy Commercial Tuesday: Madballs

The 80s were really a great time for gross toys and collectibles aimed at kids. You had your Madballs, Garbage Pail Kids and candy that looked like snot. I don’t think you could get away with that today. I was never a huge fan of Madballs (or any of the other gross items I mentioned), but I think I got one at some point or had a friend who had one. To us they were just balls, no big deal. Now, looking back, my favorite aspect of the toy is that it was created and distributed by a subsidiary of American Greedings, the people who create some of the most ridiculously sappy greeting cards in the history of the universe. A few years back, when I was working at ToyFare, AG relaunched the line and it was pretty cool. I had the one where you squeezed him and bugs came out in a rubber sack from a hole in his head. Good times. I used it as a stress ball until one day I got bored, wanted to see what the liquid inside was and cut that bastard open. My hands were stained for a week. Learn from my mistakes kids!

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