Covering Vinyl: The Clash’s Give ‘Em Enough Rope

I missed last week because I tried drawing that rad Boston cover with the spaceship (the first one) and it turned into a complete, embarrassing mess. And you’ve seen the low quality of some of my art, so you can imagine how poorly it turned out. This is the first installment of Covering Vinyl where I drew a record I don’t actually own (either on vinyl or disc). The idea to do a Clash record just came to me and I went with Give ‘Em Enough Rope because it wasn’t a picture of actual people. The two elements I had the most trouble with–aside from the marker coloring that didn’t turn out great–were the letters which I penciled and then went over with a Sharpie and all the blacks on the two men and birds which look like bad copies of newspaper photos. I ended up coloring the everything except for the guys and the horse. I like how it turned out. Wish I could have figured out how to get the figures the right colors, but I think it would have just looked worse in the long run. The borders got a little cut off in the scanning process and this was the fourth or so try so I just went with what mostly worked. Here’s the two next to each other. Fun stuff. I’m really happy with how the letters came off, though I should have done some guide lines to makes sure everything as straight, but that’s something I’ll work on for next time!

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