New York Housewives: Unseen Footage Episode

What a waste of an hour. Did we really need more footage of Jill wanting shiny things, Kelly being nonsensical, Sonja talking about her lady parts, Ramona disliking surprises and Alex not being good at walking the runway? Nope. You know what would have been interesting? More of the trip to drama island! Are you kidding me with this nonsense Bravo? Everyone involved said there was WAY more footage that we didn’t see on the show. They probably could have drawn half a season out of this one trip and yet the only extra footage we get is Kelly exercising and going on and on about Ramona and a bunch of other yammering bullshit while Ramona’s trying to work out and ignore her. What about the supposed meeting that Bethenny had with the producers telling her to ease up on Kelly (according to Kelly) or Kelly getting escorted off the island (according to Bethenny)? Come on, the trip was the real culmination of the season, the high point of insanity and what everyone talked about not only in the remaining shows but a big chunk of the reunion and you’re not going to give us a little more? I’m not pleased Bravo.

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