Quick Movie Review: She’s Out Of My League (2010)

She’s Out Of My League is an uneven, somewhat familiar, not always well-paced movie that plays with and yet also follows romantic comedy tropes, but I’ll tell you what, I laughed HARD throughout the movie. As you can probably tell by any amount of previews, commercials or posters, the plot follows Jay Baruchel’s geeky Kirk as he begins a relationship with the super hot Alice Eve’s Molly. Like all movies of this type, Kirk talks to his friends (who work with him at the airport) who try to encourage him and also warn him that she’s too hot and will dump him. As you might expect, Kirk’s insecurities lead him to screw things up with Molly, but they get back together by the end of the movie thanks to a chase through an airport.

But even with all that, I dug this movie. I’m a fan of Baruchel’s twitchy acting style and love how well he can do wide-eyed wonder (like when Molly takes him to a hockey game and the players know her). Eve does well, though I wish she would have just been able to talk with her British accent. I would imagine hot British people make their way to Pittsburgh occasionally. Kirk’s friends are also pretty hilarious, especially Nate Torrence as Devon who loves Aladdin, love and even helps Kirk with some manscaping that had me laughing my ass off. There’s also Jack, who doesn’t seem very important in the beginning and comes back later with some good advice (hence the uneven comment above) and Stainer who had me rolling, but also seemed a little too much like a combination of John Heder and Seth Rogen.

A few other favorite scenes include Stainer giving a bowler some shit for getting uptight when Kirk accidentally goes to bowl at the same time as him, Patty’s profanity laden one-liners (which are funny but make her a little one dimensional) and the fact that Stainer is in a Hall and Oats cover band (though that had whispers of Saving Silverman, hence the familiar comment above). Oh, also, I didn’t think of it when the male characters were first introduced as airport employees, but it made sense by the end when Kirk’s about to leave and Molly comes back and they need to get him off the plane. This is literally the only way this scene could play out anymore and I thought it was clever that the writers worked the film out around that and made it believable.

So, no, it’s not a perfect movie and you won’t be blown away by it’s originality, but She’s Out Of My League was a great way to spend an hour and forty minutes and had me laughing more times than not, so it was worth the watch in my mind. It’s not as good as some of the Apatow movies or the Frat Pack flicks, but it was worth the rental on Netflix.

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