Toy Commercial Tuesday: Monster Face

I guess I was wrong a few weeks back when I said that the 80s were unique for having so many gross-out toys. The early 90s had a pretty good cache themselves, like Monster Face from Hasbro which came out in 1992. I have distinct memories of this commercial though I neither had nor knew anyone who had one. The kids dressing up as Doctor Frankenstein and Igor in what looks like clothes you could find around the house, but in a set right out of a Hammer horror flick was instantly familiar when I stumbled across this clip on YouTube. I also thought it was funny how Beaver Cleaver the mom looked at the end of the commercial. I wonder if younger kids today will even recognize that image as something that was expected/aspired to/even remotely familiar. I would guess my generation is that last one to even think of that image of mom in a house dress baking cookies with the perfectly coiffed hair.

It might also be the last generation to get such a gross toy. Just look at this thing. It already looks like a zombie head, then you add on different appendages, bugs and what have you, THEN it pumps slime through various orifices and wounds. That’s pretty intense. I’m kind of surprised Monster Face wasn’t embraced by the DIY horror crowd as it would offer better special effects than half the crap I’ve watched for Halloween Scene. Anyone ever have a Monster Face? Did it ever scare your mom so much she dropped the salad?

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