Songs Of Summer “Wrong Way” by Sublime

Like a lot of people “Wrong Way” was the first Sublime song I ever heard and it blew my mind. Who were these funky white guys with such a sick grooves singing a dirty song about this Annie chick on the radio and on MTV? I was probably 13 or 14 when I first heard it and it kind of became the anthem of that summer. Of course, I was pretty late to the party as lead singer Brad Nowell had already passed away by the time I discovered the band. A few summers later when my buddy Randy got his license (about a year before I got mine) Sublime’s self titled and sadly final record was on HEAVY rotation along with Green Day’s Nimrod. It’s probably the only album I memorized before actually purchasing it. So, because of that, “Wrong Way” and that entire record always remind me of summer. It could be the dead of winter, but if one of those songs comes on the radio or my iPod, I’m immediately transported back to the mid 90s, riding shotgun in Randy’s car with my arm out the window trying to figure out the lyrics to “Same In The End.”

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