Songs Of Summer “Place Your Hands” by REEF

I have no idea why I remember REEF so vividly from the summer I was 13 (1996). Maybe it’s that it was part of my first immersion into the world of music videos, maybe it’s all the water, orange or flying. I have no idea. I actually didn’t even remember the name of the song and had to consult Wiki to nail down the song, as searching “reef” on YouTube doesn’t get the best results for what I’m looking for. Anyway, the song’s pretty good, I still dig the video and I want to check out their record, has anyone listened to any of them? Are they worth picking up?

There’s no real summery quality to the song, but I distinctly remember being over at a specific person’s house that I wasn’t supposed to be at and seeing the video. Maybe that’s why I remember it so well.

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