Heading To Yankee Stadium

I’m not much of a basball fan. I used to play in grade school, tried out in high school, got cut on the first round and really got into football in college, but I do enjoy going to games. Last year, the missus and I went to a minor league game with her parents and a couple friends, this year we hit up a Toledo Mudhens game which was a lot of fun, but Friday night we upgraded big time by going to Yankee Stadium (do they still call it that?) and watched them play Tampa Bay. This wasn’t my first major league baseball game, I’ve seen the Tigers a few times (not hard to get tickets when I was a kid) and one Indians game after they got their new stadium, but I’ve never been to a game like this. Our friends Bill and Melissa have family who have seats behind home plate on the second level in the Delta Sky 360 Suite and it was amazing. The seats were padded, there was an air conditioned area with a bar and various places to get food. There was even a foul ball that almost got up to us which was rad.

It was kind of a sad event because it was the first home game since George Steinbrenner and announcer Bob Sheppard passed away. Things kicked off with the presentation of the flags, “Taps” and “The National Anthem” (the latter two performed by two women from West Point. From there, the game kicked off. The Rays came off to an early lead which the Yankees tied with back to back home runs. We took off at the top of the 8th inning because we didn’t want to drawn in the fleeing traffic after the game. I believe the Rays had regained the lead before we left, but the Yankees came back and won it in the end.

I don’t think I’ll even be a Yankees fan, but I’m glad they won that game of all games and regardless of my feelings about the team, they sure have a helluva stadium. Here’s a gallery of pics from the evening.

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