Songs Of Summer “Volcano Girls” by Veruca Salt

I think the reason so many of these mid 90s videos stick out in my mind is because I didn’t see them very often and they made huge impressions on me when I did see them. Take “Volcano Girls” one for instance. Not only was it probably the first time I realized what lesbians are (I have no idea if the two girls in the band were actually lesbians or even together, but between the video and a couple of the songs on Eight Arms To Hold You, I eventually figured out the concept), but that bungee chord scene blew my 14 year old mind, especially when the drummer comes down in perfect sync with the music. Now you can just type in the song on YouTube and watch it as much as you want (I sound old), but back then you had to wait around or tape your favorite videos. I probably only saw “Volcano Girls” a few times but it’s stayed with me to the point where I still want to create a jam room with bungee chords in order to replicate the video.

The song itself is a blazing rocker that very simply kicks ass. Eight Arms became a staple of my high school rotation and I’d eventually learn all the words to the whole record. “Volcano Girls” is still prominent in the various playlists on my iPod and I would go on to pick up their other album American Thighs and Nina Gordon’s solo record. I think I can say without reservation that, even though I had heard some Blondie and Pat Benatar before this time, Veruca Salt taught me that women could rock just as hard as men and create a record that would become one of my favorites. It would be rad if they could get over their differences and reunite.

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