Songs Of Summer “Hooch” by Everything

As I write this, the nice summer day I drove through to get to the coffee shop to get some work done is being invaded by darkness, gale force winds and torrential rain, but that won’t stop me from posting a video of Everything’s “Hooch,” another 90s song that has embedded itself in my memory as the kind of song that always reminds me of summer (not that I’ve actually heard “Hooch” anyone in the last few years, but you get the idea). What almost stopped me, however was the fact that, wonder of wonders, the video isn’t on YouTube. I was shocked and dismayed. “But EVERYTHING’S on YouTube!” I shouted to the rainy heavens and only get a wet face in return. Don’t worry, though, as you can see above, I found a live performance of the song and the official video here, but I’m still surprised it’s not on YouTube.

“Hooch” was a nice little pop song that came out and seemed like a pretty big deal, but it’s been mostly forgotten with the exception of some TV appearances. I remember actually taping the video back in the days of VHS. It was on the beginning of one of the tapes I used to record Buffy week in and week out (before the dawn of DVDs and the now-ubiquitous TV on easy-to-consume home viewing apparatuses). This one song is the most I’ve ever heard of from Everything, but it’s a fun song that always reminds me summer. I’m a fan of bands who mix it up with the basic band configuration of guitar/bass/drums. Did anyone ever get one of their albums? Were they any good?

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