Just Finished Weeds Season 5

I could have sworn I’d gone on a rant about Weeds on UM before, but as far as I can tell, I haven’t, so here’s a brief summation of why I didn’t like the show going into the fifth season. First and foremost it seems like the writers on the show dig themselves into a hole on a regular basis and then take the most unlikely, yet easiest way out (from a writing stand point at least). I also have a problem with Nancy Botwin as a character because she has had a ridiculous number of opportunities to get herself and more importantly her family out of the shit storm she’s created for herself and them, and yet, she never does, always getting sucked back into the danger and whatnot.

But, the missus likes the show and we needed to watching something today (the TV’s still broken, but I figured out how to hook the Xbox up through the DVD player so we can watch Netflix Instant) and I decided to bite the bullet and just watch it with her. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. Maybe it’s because we watched the entire 13 episode season in one day, which didn’t give me enough time to really focus on the problems, but I liked how the story flowed and how the season finale didn’t end with every single problem getting wiped away, ready for Nancy to get a whole new crop of her own. Maybe it’s because several people called Nancy on all her bullshit on a more regular basis, from Andy to her oldest son Silas (who didn’t do it to her face, but it’s good to know everyone else thinks she’s a screw up).

I won’t go through the whole season, but I will mention a few parts that I dug. First off, Celia’s daughter trying to ransom her and NO ONE wanting to pay for her was a pretty hilarious joke running throughout the season opener. They did the gag from enough different angles that it didn’t get stale, which something like that easily could have in a half hour show. I also liked seeing Doug and Dean getting chummy again, but I’m not sure if it’s a good sign for the show that they’re going back to such old plot lines. Speaking of which, Celia’s attempt at becoming her own drug kingpin was laughable, both in execution and presentation. Again, I wish they would have done something else with her this season after she got back in the country. Also, damn, Alanais Morissette, came out of nowhere and delivered a performance that not only made me like her character and want to hang out with her, but forget how bored I was even as a teenager by her musical image. And finally, I loved all of the live-in bodyguards this season, but Ignacio was spectacularly entertaining. Overall, the season went at a pretty breakneck pace which felt rushed (Silas and Doug’s shortlived legal pot store) and perfectly paced (jumping six months to get closer to the baby’s birth).

So, if I was left to my own devices, I would have stopped watching the show a while back. The missus’ interest might have dragged me through some really crappy storytelling, but I really enjoyed this season, laughing more than I remember ever before. I didn’t even want to drop kick Shane the whole season like I usually do, so that’s a helluvan improvement.

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