Put The Tape In The VCR: Guns n Roses at VMAs 2002

It’s old man time. Here goes. Back in my day, we didn’t have your fancy DVR rto record our favorite programs. We had to sit around with a blank video tape and hit record at just the right time to capture our shows or important events. I was a big fan of my VCR using it to record and keep my favorite shows like Buffy, Batman Beyond and Daria, but also various cartoons and music events. I was pretty organized, even going so far as to have many different blanks and black hard shell cases for storage. One of the last times my parents visited they brought some boxes which included a bunch of those tapes. I tossed the Buffy and Batman Beyond ones because I either have or want to get those on DVD. I also threw out a tape filled with band performances and videos I wish I had kept. But I did keep a second music tape which I spent all day going through and then after that whole time decided to copy the tape onto DVD.

Anyway, I figured it would be fun to reminisce about some of the things I taped thanks to the glory of YouTube. Of all the things I saw (and there’s a LOT on there) this clip of the ridiculous 2002 Guns n Roses lineup on MTV’s Video Music Awards not only gave me the idea for the recurring title (thanks to host Jimmy Fallon) but also seemed like a good place to start. I’d never really been a big Guns n Roses fan, but like everyone else my age I have Appetite For Destruction and was pretty excited when I heard that this Chinese Democracy might be coming out soon with a kind of supergroup fronted by Axel Rose. So, when I saw this…I was surprised. Buckethead is rad, but just look at this mish mash of people. It looks ridiculous. But, hey, maybe the album would be good…five years later. I never checked it out, but I did see Buckethead live at the first Bonnaroo which was cool.

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