Jersey Housewives “Youth Will Be Served”

This episode was pretty whatever. It’s Teresa and Joe’s 10th anniversary and Danielle celebrates her daughter’s sweet 16 while Jacqueline tries to beat Ashley over the head with the idea that she’s an idiot (well, not really, but that’s what I think).

I can’t tell if Joe is joking about the Monopoly board having a rip in it.

It’s Teresa and Joe’s 10th anniversary coming up. The girls think he needs to get her a big gift.

Danielle, your daughter raising money for her sweet 16 for charity has nothing to do with you.

I agree with Caroline, Jacqueline needs to get Kim G out of the picture because she doesn’t need Kim going back to Danielle and giving her any information.

Albie’s gonna be a cop. Huh.

That’s cute, Jillian, Danielle’s youngest is writing a song for her older sister’s birthday. Mayhap Danielle’s swiping songs from her daughter! Jillian doesn’t want Kristine to hear her song, she’s also worried that people will judge her at the party and not like her song.

Jillian’s really upset about the song, Danielle tells her she needs to do it, kind of meanly. Danielle keeps calling her an artist which is annoying.

There’s no nice way to say this, but she’s not a great singer. She’s sharp.

It’s the day of Teresa and Joe’s anniversary. Apparently Joe’s a poet. They’re going on a helicopter ride because he chickened out on their honeymoon.

Albie’s showing his brother and sister what he’s got to do to train for the academy. He goes to get water and his sister locks him out. Hahaha.

Jesus, Danielle, singing at a sweet 16 party isn’t going to be Jillian’s big break. Leave the kid alone.

Apparently the girls’ dad will be going. I’d be shocked if Danielle doesn’t cause a scene.

Ugh. Danielle wants to wear the engagement ring just because it’s got some nice bling for it. She tells Kristine that she’ll get that ring when she gets married, then the girls start fighting over who deserves a bigger ring.

Danielle just said she wanted the room for her 16 year old daughter’s birthday party to be “like the forbidden room.”

I feel like a broken record, but Ashley is such a dumb, stuck up, entitled pretentious ass.

You better be careful with this Ashley, there is a video tape of the situation.

Hey, Jacqueline, Ashley does not get that she did anything wrong. She’s a sociopath.

I hate that I know what a Step And Repeat is thanks to watching Bravo shows.

How is she affording this party? She says everything was donated because it’s about charity.

It’s kind of weird to be carried in by some big dude at your party, right?

Jillian wrote a pretty good song, she’s just not a very good singer, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a writer.

Of course, Danielle gets up and has to make sure everyone know they’re her kids.

Ashley thinks she can countersue Danielle. For what? Chris tries to smooth things out between Jacqueline and Ashley, but Jacqueline gets angry and Ashley leaves like a small child.

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