Songs Of Summer “Walkin’ On The Sun” by Smash Mouth

Much like yesterday’s SOS band Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth seems to be a band that has made all of its money based solely on coming out with great songs that people like to sing, hear and listen to in the summer time, starting with 1997’s “Walkin’ On The Sun.” Holy shit, this song was gigantically huge and it’s a damn good poppy summer song. I borrowed my buddy Randy’s copy of Fush Yu Mang (the record this song was on) and was left feeling pretty flat about the whole thing. I think I could do a whole week on just Smash Mouth songs like “All Star” and the covers they did for the Shrek movies. Like with Sugar Ray, I might actually go back and pick up their greatest hits record…if they have one. Someone should work on that.

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