Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: Bloodlines Poster

This will be the last Roseanne Comics Cavalcade for the foreseeable future because I’m all caught up. I should have probably gone out with a bang, but this feels like whimper. As you can tell by Sarah Chalke’s presence, it’s a later episode taking place in Becky and Darlene’s old room. Over Becky’s left shoulder you can make out just the bottom corner of a Bloodlines poster. I wanted to get a better shot and this was the best I got. To make matters worse, the second picture, which would have shown more of the poster, is all scrambly, probably because I was moving around while taking the photo. As such, I can’t really make it out. I’d imagine it’s yet another promotional poster that DC gave out for free, but it doesn’t match up with any of the covers for the Bloodlines crossover (which you can check out here). I searched Google, Bing, eBay, MyComicShop and MileHigh and came up with nothing that looked even remotely close to the poster. Since I started doing this little feature on the site, I’ve been shocked at how few images there are of these promo posters. Considering there’s a website for everything, you’d imagine there’d be one for comic posters, but if so, I haven’t found it. Anyone got any ideas?

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