Halloween Scene: Jason Goes To Hell (1993)

Wow, the 90s really weren’t a good time for horror franchises were they? It seems like the studios decided that their slashers needed more mystical and weird stories to capture imaginations of audiences, but what really happened is they killed the franchises and alienated fans. Take Jason Goes To Hell for example. I’d never seen the movie before (it was my last holdout in the Friday The 13th series so I watched it on Instant Netflix the other night). Instead of watching our beloved Jason running around and cutting peoples’ heads off, we’re treated to a slug-thing coming out of Jason, infusing itself with other people and then going on mini killing sprees. What? How does taking the one element of the films that everyone loves (who even got top billing in the title for once) out of the movie make sense to anyone?

I really tried to go into the movie with an open mind even though I’ve never heard a good thing about it. “Maybe I’ll like this new take on the franchise,” I thought to myself. I even liked how the SWAT team captured him with a female cop/soldier as bait at the very beginning. “Maybe this isn’t so bad, after all.” It went downhill from there and fast. There’s a lot of nonsense spouted by Creighton Duke (Steven Williams of 21 Jump Street fame) about Jason having an evil inside of him that’s moving around to other people now and that only a relative can kill him (by the way, Jason also has a sister). So Mrs. Voorhees had another kid to look after while losing her mind and killing campers? Sure, sure. Also, how did Jason get from NYC in Jason Takes Manhattan back to Crystal Lake? I hear it’s explained in a comic or something, but did they really think that wasn’t a necessary piece of information to pass along to the audience? And how did Jason’s body get under the Voorhees homestead? I admit I wasn’t paying the movie a lot of attention, but I don’t remember anything about that happening, then you see him burst through the floor. Shitty storytelling mixed with shitty executive decisions equaled a shitty movie.

Now that I’ve seen it, I’m glad Jason Goes To Hell isn’t included in the Friday The 13th box set I have. The set covers 1-8, I’ve already got Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason and JGTH sucks pretty hard, so I’m good with not having it. It’s kind of like my Halloween collection which stops at 5 because 6 is another crappy 90s entry in a slasher franchise that I don’t need to see again. Though, I would be far more likely to watch Halloween 6 again just to see a young Paul Rudd playing against Loomis. There’s nothing in JGTH that makes me want to watch it again. At least the poster looks badass.

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