Real World Watcher New Orleans “Building & Breaking”

Tonight’s episode was frustrating to say the least and most of it revolves around Knight being a jerk. I’m not sure if it’s just a trick of editing or what, but he comes off as a total douche this episode whether he’s making fun of Sahar for her boyfriend making out with another girl, talking down to Jemmye or ragging on Preston. We also get to see most of the gang working for Habitat For Humanity, all except for Ryan who faded to the background pretty quickly this episode. Anyway, hit the jump for the full live blog and find out what the deal with this picture is.

10:02pm – Haha, Preston, Ashlee and Sahar are going to a Lady Gaga party. You’ve got to dress like her. Preston looks like Mercutio from Romeo & Juliet.

Preston doesn’t like Knight making fun of him for being dressed like a girl.

10:03pm – The guys kill a bug on the pool table and offer Knight $20 to eat it. Ryan FREAKS OUT in excitement about it and then runs outside to throw up after Knight eats it. Stupid.
10:04pm – Knight thinks that Preston’s taking it too far when he dresses up like a girl. He tells Preston he likes him being him better than him dressed up. For the record, it sounds like Knight is DRUNK.

The roommates are going on a Katrina tour to see the extent of the damage. It’s still really bad down there. Jeez, they were in high school when Katrina hit. Makes me feel old.
10:06pm – McKenzie volunteers to help build a house for a 21 year old with two kids. Ryan says he doesn’t want to help because he doesn’t build houses, he does hair.

10:07pm – Knight gets in bed with Jemmye, asks for head and just sounds mean. Jemmye, you need to talk to him about this stuff.

10:12pm – Sahar’s talking about her boyfriend Pablo again. She was super hot and heavy with him before leaving. She talks with her friend from home who tells her that Pablo was making out hard with someone at a club.

10:14pm – Sahar goes out with Jemmye to talk about Pablo. Sahar says she doesn’t care, but I’m not so sure.

Everyone but Ryan is helping build this house for Habitat For Humanity.

10:16pm – Knight’s getting turned on by McKenzie’s gusto while working on the house.

10:17pm – Preston’s not good at helping even though he wants to because he’s been in a similar boat to the woman he’s trying to help. He walks away and talks to Jemmye in the car. Toughen up and help out dude!
10:18pm – Gah, the Subway product placement is intense.
10:19pm – Now Ryan’s saying he doesn’t want to do the Habitat thing because he doesn’t want to be around everyone else. This guy can not keep his story straight.

Knight’s saying he was glad that Preston cried. Either he’s being more of a dick or they’re just editing it that way for the story or they edited it out more in previous episodes.

10:21pm – They all go out and Knight’s not feeling well. Maybe the missus is right and it’s spider poisoning. Knight’s kind of flirting with McKenzie and dancing with her. Drunk Jemmye goes looking for her and gets jealous.

10:25pm – Knight and McKenzie are drunk in the confessional. Knight says he loves her, she says she appreciates that. Jemmye walks in and he asks her to leave. “She’s a nice girl who was brought up right.” – Knight. Ouch, dude.
10:26pm – Ugh, now Knight’s walking around saying he’s the puppet master and they’re all the puppets.

10:27pm – Jemmye says she’ll never talk to Knight again and now she’s crying.

The missus is right, they shouldn’t be talking to each other when they’re drunk. Maybe they should all start passing out like McKenzie.

10:28pm – The next morning, Knight tells Jemmye she needs to explain herself to the group for freaking out the night before. Sahar says that Knight doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and thinks it’s all other people. Agreed.

11:31pm – Out of nowhere Knight says that Sahar is wearing a maternity shirt. She calls him a fat child. Hilarious. Knight thinks he can say stuff to Sahar and vice versa and it’s cool, but I don’t think that’s the case with Sahar. Her nasally voice is crazy annoying.

1:33pm – Sahar follows Knight into his room and trades insults with him. They suck at the game. Knight brings up Pablo which bothers Sahar because she only told Jemmye. She goes down and confronts Jemmye but she doesn’t say anything. Jemmye’s a freaking doormat.

10:34pm – Now Ashlee and Sahar are talking about how Jemmye lets Knight walk all over her.

10:38pm – Preston can’t believe that Knight went there with Sahar.

Sahar and Jemmye squash their problems, but Sahar’s opinion of Knight is pretty low because he saw her hurting and still went after her.

10:39pm – Preston asks Knight when he’s going to apologize, he says after she shaves her sideburns. Preston calls him a sociopath and asks if he actually has feelings. Knight says he does and actually felt bad when he got up that morning about what he said to Sahar the night before.

10:40pm – Haha, Preston said he didn’t want to go into the locker room in gym class because he didn’t want to get a boner.

10:41pm – Knight and Preston bond while watching hockey. Knight says he likes Preston more now, but won’t hold hands with him on the way home.
10:45pm – Knight tries to be charming to Sahar but she’s not having any of it. Knight does apologize and Sahar says she’s shocked that he just kept going after her. She forgives him.
10:47pm – They’re back at Habitat For Humanity, even Preston who’s trying to figure out how to help. Good for him! They all get to sign the house in pencil, that’s cute.
10:48pm – Knight’s calling for Jemmye back at the house. McKenzie tells her that she needs to set up boundaries with him and he’ll follow them. Jemmye’s in the confessional crying because she thinks he should understand where the boundaries are. But, as far as we can tell, she hasn’t actually talked to him about it like “Hey, don’t talk to me that way.”

10:49pm – Preston tries to tell Jemmye that people will treat her the way she lets them and she comes back telling him she used to get beat up every day. It’s sad because she clearly doesn’t have the ability to deal with much of anything emotionally.

10:54pm – Knight sees Jemmye crying. She tells him it’s not because of him. He sounds drunk again. But it is because of him. She just said it’s not a big deal and she doesn’t even care again.

10:55pm – Knight goes back to Eric and McKenzie and tells them that they need to talk to him and not behind her back because Jemmye said she was talking to them and got upset. He says that Jemmye knows he’s joking. But clearly she doesn’t. They’re on different wavelengths and need to get this shit taken care of.
10:56pm – It’s a new day. Jemmye and Ashlee are going to a battered women’s shelter to volunteer. If Jemmye can work on these issues she has, hopefully she can be a real asset to the shelter and vice versa. The woman is also a social worker and offers to help. 10:59pm – Knight’s telling her to come and talk to him when she has a problem. It seems like they’re okay, but hopefully she will actually call him on his shit.

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